COVID-19 has put a spotlight on the risks of globalised supply chains, and the healthcare sector is the worst hit of all due to the increase in demand and decrease of supply of critical items. This massive shock has highlighted the need for innovation to provide solutions that are better able to deal with supply chain shocks and localised demand in both the short and medium term. Rapid response mechanisms at the edge are an essential part in delivering quality healthcare during this crises and into the future.

What is MEDEX3D?

Medex3D is a “hospital in a box” concept that provides a high quality industrial 3D printer with access to a library of useful medical products and devices for printing in the hospital, clinic or healthcare facility. This solution is useful for any facility, but is especially necessary in more remote and hard to access areas.

The 3D content of most interest on the platform at this stage is the material to assist front line healthcare workers with fighting COVID-19 pandemic, including masks, visors, respirator tubing and other useful items. MEDEX3D content also includes orthopaedics, prosthetics, training and mobility support devices. So healthcare facilities can buy (outright or financed) a 3D printer with full access to the current and growing library of content including variety of managed services.

While we know that this solution will save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are equally excited by the opportunity of this 3D printing real estate being in healthcare facilities post this pandemic, so that children can be allowed to live normal lives with customised prosthetics, disabled people can live dignified lives and the aged are allowed to become more self-sufficient.

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