MEDEX3D Basic Package Includes:

COVID 19 - Personal protective equipment and devices to fight COVID 19

Hyper local medical device manufacturing capability that allows the flexibility of making PPE such as face masks, shields and door openers today, and respirator pipes and joints tomorrow. This category will continually be updated with the latest and most useful designs in the fight against COVID, so even facilities in the most rural locations can have access to best in class equipment the day it is designed.

Assisted devices – Devices to help the disabled or injured live normally

We provide a host of custom designed and open source assisted devices, including items such as wheelchair ramps, assisted eating devices, assisted typing devices and a host of items to assist injured and disabled people to live normal lives. These items are also very useful for the elderly and infirm. There are many of these items and devices and new one can be designed or sourced on request for uploading tot eh platform.

General Medical – Generic supplies for healthcare facilities

Hospitals often run out of generic supplies which can either affect the quality of care of make life difficult for healthcare workers. In this category we provide a range of general healthcare equipment such as stethoscopes, clips, clamps, non-essential valves and just about anything that is a one-use item. There are literally thousands of generic medical devices and equipment that are used frequently in medical facilities. We have aggregated the most commonly used, and will continue to update based on demand.

Orthopaedics – Multiple sizes of splints, casts and prosthetics

Most splints, casts and prosthetics require customisation to the individual. In rural and cash strapped facilities this is just not an option, and often healthcare is inadequate. In this category we can provide multiple sizes of generic orthopedics at the simplest level, where customisation will not be to the individual but based on size or another generic metric. So, from a once off prosthetic for a young child to a rare combination of splints for a bad leg break, the facility will always be hours way from providing a solution. Through our managed services we can also design custom devices and equipment overnight for specific situations that can be immediately loaded ready for printing.